So the worst has happened and you had a car accident. It may or may not have you’re your fault – but regardless, you need to find a way to overcome the associated anxiety and get back out on the road confidently and safely. Sometimes it’s hard to regain your driving confidence after an accident, and you look for ways to avoid getting back out on the road. Here are some tips:


Move on from the blame game


Whether it was your fault, or not – it happened and in all probability you couldn’t have foreseen the exact circumstances that led up to it. It was, after all, an accident.


Choose a suitable replacement vehicle


The car that you select as an accident replacement vehicle should be something that you are comfortable with – similar size and power to your old vehicle, which will help you in the confidence department.


Have some company when you are driving


Share rides with one or more friends – or have a friend ride as a passenger for a while – company can reduce anxiety and provide support when you need it.


Get professional help


If you still feel anxious and unsure, consider consulting a therapist for additional support. Don’t be afraid of opening up and talking about your experience and how you are feeling about it.


Contact Carbiz today for information and assistance in dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. Carbiz can help by making your life easier – coming to you to pick up your car and taking care of the at fault driver/insurance claims providing advice and assistance with any other post-accident issues that may arise.