Believe it or not, bad weather is not the only speed bump to potential accidents. The sun in your eyes is also a potential accident cause – and here in Australia, we often experience bright and sunny days. It’s best to take a few precautions to avoid an accident when the sun is blazing down.


Use your sun visor

This might be an obvious tip, but sensible use of your sun visor can help keep bright rays of sun away from your vision. Sunny days can often lead to impaired vision – or squinting, so it’s best to make proper use of your visor if you need it. However, sun visors can also obstruct your view of other cars – either in your blind spots or directly in front of you, so be sure to adjust your sun visor to suit you before continuing your journey.


Clean your windshield regularly

Dirty windshields can cause very bad glare – especially on sunny days. This glare will affect your ability to see and could potentially lead to you missing a vital cue in avoiding an accident. A great tip is to ensure that your windshield cleaning fluid is always full – add it to your list of weekly or monthly maintenance checks.


Protect your vision

If you struggle with your vision on brighter or sunnier days, then consider scheduling an eye test. Another way to protect your eyes – and help you see, even on those extra bright days – is to invest in a pair of polarised sunglasses which help to remove the glare from the road surface, your windshields and help you to see clearer.