Do you often travel with children in your car? While you may be driving safely and responsibly, you may still find yourself in a tricky situation – it’s always important to keep all passengers as safe as possible. Here are a few important safety tips for the kids.


Buckle everyone up – every time

Buckling up is super important. Make buckling up easier by explaining the importance of staying safe in a moving car – keep lessons practical and interesting.


Backseat vs Front seat passengers

Did you know that children under 12 years are required to sit in the back? They should also be in the appropriate child seat for their age, weight and height. All car seats come with instructions to ensure safety – these help you to properly install it.


Never leave a child alone in the car

Cars can get hot quickly – even on overcast or cloudy days. Never ever leave your child alone in the car. If you are prone to inadvertently leaving your toddler in the car then leave a reminder in your car on the front seat.


Don’t leave loose items in your car

It’s important to always secure any loose items in your car – loose items can be dangerous if you get into a crash or need to jam on brakes suddenly.