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Common car insurance exclusions that may take you off guard

Common car insurance exclusions that may take you off guard

  • 10 April , 2019

So you’ve insured your car – you’re set, right? Not quite… Insurers can refuse to payouts if your claim goes against the policy you’ve signed with them. For instance, if they think you’ve been reckless in some way – or if you have one of the following exclusions on your policy. Here are a few common car insurance exclusions that may take you off guard.


The driver at fault isn’t listed on the policy

Here’s an important one to remember – which driver is your insurance policy for? If your car is involved in an accident and the driver is not listed on your policy, then your claim will be denied.


Your car has worn tyres or dodgy brakes

Is your car roadworthy? If your car is in an accident and the insurance company finds that your tyres are worn, your brakes were faulty or if your car had engine or mechanical failure, then you may have a problem with your claim.


Travelling while overloaded

Packing your car to the max may leave you in a spot of trouble if you get into a crash. Australia’s states and territories typically have laws against overloading your vehicle – if your view is obstructed or your ability to safely control your car is reduced, then consider unloading before taking off. Besides breaking the law, you are potentially voiding your insurance.

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