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Do you know what’s under your car bonnet? The basics explained

Do you know what’s under your car bonnet? The basics explained

  • 20 January , 2019

If you aren’t really sure what’s going on under your car bonnet, then this one is for you! From all the nobs and bolts to understanding what fluid goes into which bottle can be overwhelming at first – but it is actually pretty simple!

Brake fluid – normally with a black lid (but be sure to check with your car manual!), brake fluid can be topped up from under your bonnet. However, this should be checked during your regular service.

Windscreen washer – usually a blue lid, this is where you can replace your windscreen washer fluid. Either a mix of soap solution and water or a specialized windscreen washer product.

Oil – located on the engine, oil can be checked with the oil dipstick – highlighted with a yellow lid. Should you need to replace oil, a bigger access hole can usually be found close to the dipstick and usually with a black lid.

Coolant – used to keep your engine cool and preventing it from overheating, coolant is rather important. While there should be a temperate gauge on your dash, it’s also good to check the level of your coolant when looking under the bonnet. Engine coolant will normally be found off to the side of the engine, in a clear biggish bottle -coolant is usually bright in colour – ranging from green, pink, yellow and even blue. Remember to check the instructions on your coolant before topping up – the rule is generally 50 x 50 , with half coolant and half water.

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