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Do you make these mistakes when driving?

Do you make these mistakes when driving?

  • 03 April , 2019

Even experienced drivers can make these common driving mistakes. While most of us probably think that we are more careful and skilful than other drivers, it might be a good idea to have a refresher!

Speeding up to get through yellow lights – this common mistake is incredibly reckless and could easily cause an unwanted accident. Besides putting other cars at risk, pedestrians can also be caught unaware. If you have enough time to brake, then that is the safer option.

Ever flashed your lights to warn other people of a speed camera? This is another common driving error that people make – besides being illegal, this is an unsafe practise that you should rather avoid.

Have you disregarded the school zone speed limits if you know it’s a pupil-free day or honked at a pedestrian who has stepped into the road in front of you? These are both common driving mistakes made – and can lead to deadly consequences. Rather slow down in school zones and be courteous to pedestrians – an extra few minutes can save a life!

Other common driving mistakes that often lead to unexpected accidents include making u-turns at traffic lights and exiting roudabouts without signalling.

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