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Driving in bad weather? Use these tips to avoid causing an accident

Driving in bad weather? Use these tips to avoid causing an accident

  • 19 March , 2019

Bad weather conditions mean reduced visibility, traction and steering ability. Here are some tips to avoid causing an accident next time that you get stuck in harsh weather conditions. 

Keep headlights or fog lights on

It’s important that other motorists are able to see you. Bad weather probably means reduced visibility. Headlights and fog lights can cut through allowing others to keep a tab on where you are in relation to them. 

Keep a good following distance

Increasing your following distance is recommended in poor weather conditions. This increase will give you enough time to be able to stop and avoid any cars suddenly stopping ahead of you. 

Slow down

Poor weather conditions such as rain mean that it will take longer to brake or to slow down. Slowing your speed down will help you to stop should you need to, but also help you to maintain control over your car in the case of an emergency.

Stay parked if you are stuck

If you are lost in bad weather, then it’s advisable to rather pull over somewhere safely and keep your hazard lights on. It’s important to remain in your car and wait for help to arrive. It’s best if you can pull off the road properly – or better, find a petrol or service station to pull into.



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