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Most common causes of car accidents – And how to avoid them

Most common causes of car accidents – And how to avoid them

  • 01 April , 2019

Car accidents cause unnecessary stress and trauma – and with most accidents caused by a few common causes, it’s important to be aware of what they are and how to avoid them.

Most accidents are caused by little things – a momentary lapse in judgement or attention, or quickly picking up that cell phone or getting distracted by something on the other side of the road. 90% of all accidents are due to a minor mistake – driving while fatigued or driving slightly over the speed limit.

Another common cause of crashes is road rage – and these types of incidents are on the rise.

So what can you do to avoid these types of crashes?

By simply taking responsibility – it’s so important to continue being courteous and cautious when using the road. Being kind to other road users will likely lead to other road users being courteous to you.

Driving at the top speed limit is also not always advisable – even if the limit is 100km per hour, it doesn’t mean that it’s the optimum speed for your vehicle, the time of day or the driving conditions at the time that you are driving. It’s important to read the conditions of the road and adjust your driving accordingly. 

Heavier vehicles can also pose potential driving dangers. Heavy vehicles or trucks are dangerous to smaller cars due to multiple factors. One of them is the sheer weight they are carrying behind them – their brakes may fail unexpectedly or they may not leave enough room to brake properly. Also be wary when nearing a truck turning into your road – trucks need extra room to make turns, so be sure to give them extra room! Another good rule of thumb to follow when driving next to heavy vehicles is to remember that if you can’t see their side mirrors, they can’t see you!

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