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Parking lot accidents – whose fault is it?

Parking lot accidents – whose fault is it?

  • 15 April , 2019

Parking lots are often busy and chaotic, and accidents happen – cars moving in every direction and pedestrians weaving in between. Here are a few tips to determine fault in a parking lot accident.


Cars exiting vs cars moving through

Drivers who are approaching the through lane from parking lots should give way to those already driving on the through lane. In the event of any collision between a driver on the through lane and a car exiting a parking lot, the car exiting the parking lot will be at fault. This will be true unless there is a yield or stop for the driver already on the through lane. Not sure how to tackle this one? Be courteous to drivers around you and give way to others.


Pulling in and out of a parking lot

An occurrence that frequently occurs when two drivers are pulling out of a parking spot – and collide with each other. While both drivers had an obligation of ensuring that the road was clear and clear before backing out – the driver that exited the lot later will be at fault.

Accidents with parked cars

Any collisions with parked cars will be the fault of the driver that was not parked. You are not at fault if someone else hits your car while you are parked and stationary.

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