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The importance of your VIN

The importance of your VIN

  • 24 February , 2019

How important is your Vehicle Identification Number or VIN? Not many of us actually know what it is, but your vehicles identification number is quite important.

Your VIN is a serial number that is unique to your vehicle – it is fixed, engraved or stamped onto a structural part of your vehicle.

Such a use case of needing to identify your VIN is in the event of a recall – your VIN is the best way to determine whether your car falls within the recall. 

The VIN is also an important deterrent in the theft of vehicles that are stolen and then rebuilt for resale. Many car companies have started stamping the VIN onto body panels as well as etching it onto the vehicle’s windows and windscreen, therefore making it very difficult to eradicate every instance of a VIN in a car.

VIN numbers are kept by registration authorities – each and every car sold and registered in Australia is kept on record. Should an investigating body ever need to query a VIN number, they can immediately learn the owner and address registered against the VIN. Problems often occur when a car is sold and the registration records are not updated.

In modern cars, VIN’s are usually located in the following areas

-      - On a front strut tower under the bonnet

-      - On the B-pillar between the front and rear doors

-      - On a chassis member onto which the driver’s seat is bolted

-     - On the rear subframe in the boot

-      - On a front chassis rail

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