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Tips for when you’re in a car accident that’s not your fault

Tips for when you’re in a car accident that’s not your fault

  • 08 April , 2019

Car accidents are horrible occurrences that can easily take you into shock – and if you are not at fault, it’s easy to forget what you should do. Here are a few useful tips for if this ever happens to you.

Be prepared ahead of time

Planning is essential – you aren’t planning to have an accident, but sometimes it’s important to be prepared no matter the situation. Do you know who to contact if you get into a car accident that’s not your fault? Add our contact number 1300 889 256 into your list of contacts now – this way you will know who to phone when you’re in an accident and have the experts on hand to talk you through your next steps!

Take pictures or a video at the accident scene

Pictures of the damage to your car, the other car as well as of the area around you – try to build a story of what happened leading up to your car accident. This will help your not-at-fault claim smoother and give us a clear idea of what happened.

Do you have a dash cam fitted? – Get one!

These nifty little devices are any insurance company’s best friend – the best evidence can often be drawn from dash-cams.

Get all the details of the at fault party at the scene of the accident

Make sure to get the other person’s details as soon as possible – at the accident scene. It’s important to have this information on hand as otherwise you can’t make a claim against them. If they refuse, call the police and take a picture of their number plate.


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