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Tips when dealing with repair mechanics

Tips when dealing with repair mechanics

  • 24 March , 2019

Have you ever heard those horror stories of people being stuck with unexpected repair or service bills and getting a car back from the workshop in worse condition than it went in? Perhaps you’ve even been there yourself – avoid being ripped off with top tips to keep in mind when dealing with mechanics

Firstly – if you’ve recently been in an accident then be sure to contact Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles about recommended suppliers! 

Shop around on repairs

If you aren’t so lucky to get a list of recommended mechanics, then make sure you shop around on both price and second opinions. This is especially helpful if you are doubtful about the diagnosis and repair work needed. 

Go with your gut

First impressions matter – so if your first impression of the mechanic’s shop isn’t sitting well with you, then it’s time to move on. If you still aren’t sure, then ask for past clients to contact about the quality of work that they received.

Isolate the problem and be clear on what needs fixing

If you are 100% sure on what the problem is that needs fixing, then do your best to describe it fully for the mechanic. What noises do you hear? When do you hear them? While your mechanic should be checking everything, they often don’t have the time to do so.

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