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Used or second hand tyres – are they safe?

Used or second hand tyres – are they safe?

  • 15 January , 2019

There are many stores selling part-worn tyres and in Australia, it isn’t illegal to sell part-worn or partially used tyres – but are they safe?

In regard to the law, tyres need to have at least 1.5mm of tread across the tyre to be considered roadworthy. New tyres have between 6-8mm tread depth. In most cases, however, buying second hand tyres is a buyer beware purchase. Most road transport associations will advise you to check the age of the tyres or the history.

 With newer tyres becoming cheaper and various budget-friendly brands that are available, it’s perhaps a riskier bet purchasing second hand or worn tyres. Unfortunately with second-hand tyres you will never know the full back-story of the tyres, possibly leaving you or your family’s lives at risk.

Used or second-hand tyres will have a reduced safety profile, less tread reducing the car’s grip on dry and wet surfaces – so should you consider buying second-hand tyres?

With no real checks on second hard tyres in Australia, the safety risks outweigh the financial gain when initially purchasing part-warn tyres. In the long run, it can end up costing you more to replace your tyres again – or fix any damage from an accident as a result of the worn tyres.


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