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When last did you set up your ideal driving position?

When last did you set up your ideal driving position?

  • 27 March , 2019

Can you remember the last time you set up your car for your ideal driving position? While driving in the correct position for every journey not only provides optimal comfort, it also helps to ensure a safer journey by preventing accidents and improving your own safety should an accident occur.

Here are a few tips on how to find your ideal driving position 


Your feet should be placed between the accelerator and the brake, resting comfortably on the floor. Your foot should be able to swivel between the pedals without lifting off of the floor. 

Legs and back

A slight bend in your knees will aid in your comfort but it will also act as a brace in the case of an accident. You may need to move your seat forward or back to ensure the optimal position and bend in your knees. For a better drive, your backside should be placed towards the back of your seat.

 Seat belt

Your seat belt is important in protecting you in the event of an accident. There should be no twists or knots in the belt and it should lay low, flat and firmly across your torso. Most vehicles allow for your seat belt height to be adjusted up or down – this is important as your seat belt needs to be fitted correctly for your height. 

Head rest and head support

Your head rest is there to support your head in the event of an accident or sudden impact. Your head rest should sit where the rounded position of your skull meets your spinal column. It is never advisable to remove your head rest from your vehicle.

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