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Car accidents happen to the best of us – and it can be distressing. Not to even mention the headache of arranging repair work, submitting and managing your car insurance claim – and then trying to organise an accident replacement vehicle. One of the biggest factors to consider after an accident is whether you were at fault.

Not my fault drivers have the right to drive – their costs are to be covered by the at fault driver. It can all get a bit confusing.

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Not my fault?
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Having the right to drive ensures your peace of mind – if you were not at fault in the car accident, why should you need to be out of pocket for the costs involved? The at fault driver will be liable for the costs associated with the accident replacement vehicle.

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“I was in an accident the other driver has agreed to pay for my damage”

Perhaps this is you – You’ve had a car accident, you were not at fault. The at fault driver has agreed to pay for the repair costs – but what about the costs of a hire car? Accident replacement cars are a reasonable expense while your car is being repaired – and usually the party who has caused the accident. The at fault driver should pay the reasonable costs of the party who suffered loss as a result of the accident, the not at fault driver.
What is important is to understand what costs are considered reasonable costs. We can help you with this.

Like for like accident replacement cars – what does that mean?

A car accident is likely to leave you without a car. And usually, a hire car is needed – an accident replacement vehicle. As the not my fault driver, you have the right to drive. To get back on the road with a like for like accident replacement car is the goal – but what is “like for like”. Like for like accident replacement cars are hired cars that are similar to your own car. It would be a vehicle that falls into the same category as the car you are familiar with driving – so if you had an accident in your automatic city run-about, then your like for like accident replacement car will be close to that. A manual budget hatchback will probably not cut it.
Accident that was not my fault? You shouldn’t have to pay for your accident

“It was not my fault – with no car, I’m not sure what to do now”

It happens all too quickly – and then you are left stranded without a car. Not my fault accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean you should be left without a car and out of pocket. If you were not at fault, and you have the at fault driver’s details then it’s time to put in that claim.
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“I’m really not sure how this all works – what’s the process?”

Our team will help you, every step of the way. We’ve simplified the whole process – and our goal is to get you the best deal. It’s important to gather as much evidence at the scene of the accident as possible – this is important to making your not at fault car insurance claim.
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It’s important to share as much detail of the car accident as possible

As the driver is not at fault, it’s vital to have as much detail of the accident as possible. Evidence includes photos of the damage to your car, the other cars involved as well as to any property that was damaged from the accident. Video footage is also helpful – if you had a dashcam installed then share it with us. All footage captured from the accident, as well as afterwards, can be used to explain the circumstances of the accident.

Besides the usual photos of the damage and the at fault drivers details, here are a few key things that help make the claim process quicker and easier.

Gathering witness statements

Witnesses offer another perspective to the accident. While you can’t force witnesses to give a statement, it’s a good idea to ask them if they’d be willing to. If your case goes to court however, you may be able to serve the witness with a subpoena which orders them to give evidence.

Notes and sketches of the car accident and the accident scene

As the not at fault driver, you should take down notes and perhaps even draw up a sketch of the accident and accident scene. You should make a record of the following type of information

  • The area of your car that was damaged
  • They type of damage, with detail
  • Any loss incurred as a result of the accident
  • The area of the other driver’s car that was damaged
  • The type of damage to the other driver’s car
  • Any loss the other driver told you about at the time, if any
  • Any other information that seems relevant
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Does your car need to be repaired?

While we assist you with your accident claim, Carbiz will also help you in getting your vehicle repaired through a manufacturer approved repair shop. Our job is to get you the best deal possible.

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