The High Court of Australia's ruling a win for Aussies!

Accident Replacement Vehicles (ARVs) provide a crucial service to not at fault parties in car accidents, ensuring continuity of mobility and lifestyle during the repair of their damaged vehicle. The importance and implications of ARVs for not at fault parties have been underscored by the High Court of Australia's landmark ruling in Arsalan v Rixon; Nguyen v Cassim, which has set a significant precedent in this domain.
Concept and Significance of ARVs for Not At Fault Parties
ARVs are essentially rental vehicles that are provided to individuals who are not responsible for the car accident they were involved in. The primary aim of these vehicles is to replace the functionality and comfort level of the damaged vehicle until it is repaired or replaced. This service is not just about maintaining mobility but also about ensuring that the quality of the individual's transportation experience is not diminished due to an accident they did not cause.
The High Court's Ruling: A Game-Changer
The High Court's ruling is pivotal in the context of ARVs. It clarified that not at fault drivers are entitled to recover the costs of hiring a replacement vehicle that is similar in standard to their own damaged vehicle. This includes high-end, luxury vehicles where applicable, acknowledging that the loss extends beyond mere transportation – it encompasses the loss of amenity, including comfort, safety features, and the overall driving experience that the owner values and is accustomed to.
The Scope of Entitlements for Not At Fault Parties
The decision effectively broadens the scope of what not at fault parties can claim. It emphasizes that the recovery of costs is not just about the functional value of the vehicle but also about the intangible elements such as the pleasure, comfort, and status associated with the vehicle. The ruling signifies that individuals who invest in luxury vehicles do not have to settle for basic replacement models that do not match the standard of their own cars.
Mitigation and Reasonableness in Hiring
While the ruling is favorable to not at fault parties, it also mandates that the actions taken by them in hiring a replacement vehicle should be reasonable. This means that the hired vehicle should be comparable to the damaged vehicle, and the hire charges should be within the general market rates for such vehicles. The not at fault party is encouraged to mitigate their loss reasonably, ensuring that the replacement vehicle fulfills their needs without leading to unnecessary or excessive costs.
Implications and Benefits for Not At Fault Parties
For not at fault parties, this ruling brings several benefits:
  1. Continued Lifestyle Maintenance: The ruling ensures that their lifestyle and mobility are not unduly affected due to an accident they did not cause.
  2. Financial Relief: It provides a form of financial relief, as they can claim the costs of hiring a replacement vehicle that matches their damaged vehicle in standard and features.
  3. Empowerment in Decision-Making: Not at fault parties are given more control and choice in selecting a replacement vehicle that suits their needs and lifestyle.
  4. Recognition of Intangible Losses: It acknowledges the intangible losses, such as the loss of comfort and enjoyment, which are often overlooked in such scenarios.

In essence, the High Court's decision on ARVs represents a significant advancement in recognizing and respecting the rights of not at fault parties in car accidents. It empowers them to maintain their standard of living and mobility without bearing the brunt of additional financial strain. This ruling not only provides clarity and assurance to vehicle owners but also sets a precedent for fair and equitable treatment in the aftermath of car accidents where they are not at fault​​​​​​​​.

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The Core

The core service offered by Carbiz is centered around ensuring that not at fault individuals are not inconvenienced following an accident. They provide a like-for-like replacement vehicle, matching the standard and features of the damaged car, delivered directly to the customer. This service is crucial in maintaining the individual's usual lifestyle and mobility, without any financial burden, as the costs are typically recovered from the at-fault party's insurance.


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The company's dedication to customer service and support is evident in their approach, which includes handling the complexities of insurance claims and paperwork on behalf of their clients. This comprehensive support system is designed to alleviate the stress and inconvenience typically associated with post-accident procedures.

At the Core

In essence, Carbiz's service is not just about providing a replacement vehicle; it's about ensuring continuity, safety, and peace of mind for not at fault drivers following a car accident. Their award-winning service is a testament to their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive post-accident support.