Replacement Cars
that keep you moving.

Carbiz is an award-winning replacement vehicle provider committed to keeping your life moving when your car can’t.
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What is Carbiz?

Carbiz makes life easy after an accident

Easy application
Relax with $0 excess
The car you need, delivered to you
Costs paid for by the
at-fault party’s insurer
Keep moving for as long as your car is being repaired
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3 Easy Steps

1. You Apply
Tell us about your accident for approval
5 min
2. Carbiz Delivers
Get a car like yours delivered directly to you
< 1 hr
3. You Don’t Pay
We pick up the car and the other driver's insurer pays

Why choose Carbiz

Industry leader

Trusted by thousands
of automotive specialists
throughout Australia.
Independent from insurers
We’re always on your side.
Onshore team
100% Australian owned 
and operated.

Trusted by 1000s each month

99% customer satisfaction

We’re a phone call away

We're available 7 days a week, because accidents don't take days off.

Vehicles in our fleet

Fastest growing accident replacement fleet in Australia
Family friendly
Count on Carbiz for safe, late-model cars that arrive clean and fully fuelled. Get your kids to school, parties and sporting events safely and on time.
On the worksite
A fleet that's got your back, whether you're hauling tools or handling maintenance.
Charge forward with our range of electric replacement cars.
Don’t compromise on luxury after an accident. Our prestige range of replacement cars ensure every ride is as refined as you deserve.

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