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Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles: 
Your Trusted Companion on the Road
Experiencing an accident can disrupt your daily routine. With Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles, you won't feel stranded. We are more than just a vehicle replacement provider; we stand by you, ensuring you’re equipped with the best solutions during unforeseen vehicular challenges.
Safety First, Always
Our commitment at Carbiz is clear: your safety. We take pride in providing vehicles that are not only fit for purpose but are also thoroughly inspected for safety. Customized to fit your unique needs, we help you resume your journey with peace of mind.
Seamless Service Experience
At Carbiz, we prioritize your convenience. No more lengthy waits or cumbersome processes. With our streamlined service, you're assured of swift vehicle replacements, letting you get back to your life without any delays.
Rely on Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles
The perfect blend of personalized attention and professional expertise. Be it a short-term requirement or a longer-term solution, we ensure you receive quality vehicles and unparalleled service

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Get a complimentary loan car while your car is being repaired from the at fault party’s insurance.

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We deliver and collect your chosen car at the time and place convenient to you

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Our helpful team will review your claim on the spot

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A large fleet to suit your needs of small, medium, SUVs and light commericial.

Family friendly

Safe, late model cars that arrive clean and full of fuel to get your kids to school, sport, activities and parties.

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Once approved, choose a car that suits your needs.

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Accident Replacement Vehicles
Accidents happen. We’ll help you
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Accident was not my fault
Not my fault! Here's what to do
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Accident was my fault
Car accidents happen. Are you at fault? What to do now
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Understanding the Essence of Not At Fault Accident Replacement Vehicles

Navigating the aftermath of a car mishap is both daunting and disconcerting. But even as the echoes of such unfortunate events linger, there's a solace to be found: not-at-fault accident replacement cars. Designed to support those caught in an accident through no fault of their own, this service offers a swift solution, ensuring that life's momentum remains unhindered.

The crux of this service is grounded in a principle of fairness: if you haven’t caused the mishap, your daily rhythm shouldn't be disrupted. At Carbiz, we ensure you remain mobile. Our fleet, a testament to quality and versatility, stands ready for your needs while your vehicle undergoes repairs. Ranging from small compact hatches, large prestige sedans, 5 and 7-seater SUVs, Utes, Vans and Australia's first Electric Replacement cars. And as the ideal footnote, the costs associated with these replacement vehicles are usually borne by the insurance of the party at fault.

Life doesn't come with a pause button, especially when you're navigating the aftermath of a car accident. At Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles, we're dedicated to ensuring that Australians, like you, continue to move forward, regardless of the bumps along the way. We invite you to experience our promise of reliability, convenience, and unwavering support in your hour of need.

The concept is simple, yet essential. If you're not the cause of the accident, why should you bear the inconvenience?

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Frequently asked questions

How much does this service cost?
Nothing! Provided you are not at fault in an accident, Carbiz Rentals will recover rental costs from the at fault party, you may need to assist us in the recovery of the costs, should it be required. You are only responsible for our car rental terms and conditions, which will include fuel costs, tolls and fines. That’s it!
Where will you deliver my replacement car?
We can deliver the car directly to you at home, to your work or meet you at the repairer, making it easy and hassle free.
What replacement vehicles can I choose from?
We have hundreds of cars to choose from, we will provide you with a replacement car similar to yours.
Do you offer luxury replacement vehicles?
YES! Carbiz Rentals has a wide range of luxury prestige vehicles from compact to large 7 seaters.
Our local Aussie team is available to help you
Carbiz is an Australian owned and run business with all our support team here in Sydney, Australia. We are available 24/7 ready to assist with all accident matters, contact us on 1300 889 256.
Where do you offer replacement vehicles?
Carbiz Rentals head office is in Mascot NSW. We have branches in Central Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Launceston, Sunshine Coast and Cairns.

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