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AAMI Insurance

Part of the Suncorp Network, AAMI is one of the largest car insurers in Australia. AAMI has been serving customers for over 40 years and currently offers a wide range of insurance products, including
  • Travel
  • Pet Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Health Related Cover
  • Car and Vehicle Insurance
  • Life and Income Protection
  • Home and Property Insurance

AAMI Car Insurance

AAMI offers a range of car insurance options, including comprehensive car insurance, third party insurance, and CTP insurance. With many add on options, it’s important to understand your insurance policy.

Need help with your insurance claim? Contact Carbiz. We’ll help you

Not my fault car accident? 
Contact Carbiz, We’ll help you

Did you know that as the not my fault driver, you have the right to drive. This means that you may be entitled to an accident replacement vehicle – car hire after your accident that lets you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Work directly with Carbiz. We’ll Manage Your Insurance Claim

Working directly with Carbiz simplifies things! We will work with AAMI on your behalf. Our team will help you with your insurance claim, ensure delivery of your damaged vehicle to the repair yard, and we will assist you with an accident replacement vehicle while you wait for your car to be fixed.

Eliminate the stress of handling your insurance claim. 

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Handling any insurance claim is stressful – at fault or not at fault. If you are at fault after a car accident, you will be liable for the costs incurred by the not at fault driver(s). Third party property insurance ensures that the not at fault driver is covered for any expenses that are associated with the accident. As a not my fault driver, you will be covered for the expenses of the repair to your vehicle as well as an accident replacement vehicle amongst other costs incurred. The team at Carbiz are experts in handling these types of car insurance claims – let us take the stress off of you.
You have the right to drive after a not my fault car accident.

Carbiz - Experts in Accident Management

We will help you with end to end accident management services – what does this mean? From assistance on the accident scene through to handling your insurance claim, we’ll help you. If you were in a not my fault car accident, then you have the right to drive – our team is on your side. Our goal is to get you the best deal.

Like for like accident replacement vehicle Sounds good right?

If you were not at fault in a car accident why should you be stuck with a subpar hire car? As the not my fault driver, you have the right to drive and we will manage your insurance claim.

Our fleet of hundreds of late-model cars means we can match your vehicle to an accident replacement vehicle easily. An accident shouldn’t keep you off the road – especially if it was not your fault. Our team will help you secure a like-for-like accident replacement vehicle while managing the process for you.

Our team is your team – We will help you get the best deal

Accident Car Hire Simplified.
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Head office in Sydney and Branches all over Australia

Carbiz is available 24/7 all around Australia. Our friendly, professional team offers an end-to-end service, from the scene of the crash through to your successful insurance claim. We’ll help you.
Dedicated Accident Support Line
We’re here to help you get what you’re entitled to, with minimal inconvenience, stress and cost. That sounds fair, doesn’t it?
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