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GIO Insurance

GIO has been servicing clients since 1927. As part of the Suncorp Network, GIO offers a range of insurance services. With insurance options that cover home, contents, personal and life, travel, business and car, GIO promises cover to suit any part of your lifestyle.

GIO Car and Vehicle Insurance

GIO has two main types of car insurance – Comprehensive and Third party property damage. With a further four layers of insurance within these, it can get confusing. Not sure what your GIO car insurance covers? Contact Carbiz. We’ll help you.

Accident Replacement Vehicles – Car hire when you need it the most

Some insurance plans include car hire – whether you were at fault or not at fault in the accident. GIO’s platinum comprehensive is one such plan. But not all insurance plans include this. Third party cover is insurance specifically to cover the costs of the other driver if you are in an accident that was your fault.
Not My Fault Car Accidents Happen You have the right to drive! Contact Carbiz to find out more.

Need to make a GIO claim?

Were you in a not my fault car accident? Is the at fault driver insured with GIO? We can help you. You have the right to drive – being the not at fault driver, you may be entitled to an accident replacement vehicle, with the costs covered by the at fault driver. We will help you with your GIO insurance claim! All you need to do is supply us with all of the details of the at fault driver as well as all of the accident details.

Not at fault? We’ll Help You

GIO levels of cover include

Fire, Theft and Third Party Property Damage
Third party property damage cover plus extra cover against fire and theft.
GIO comprehensive covers damage to your own car as well as damage to other vehicles and property. It also covers the cost of towing to your nearest repair yard as well as storage costs.
Platinum Comprehensive
This highest level of insurance includes all the benefits of comprehensive insurance plus extras such as unlimited days of car hire, windscreen and window cover and lifetime new car replacement.
Third Party Property Damage
Third party property damage covers any damage that your car causes to other vehicles and property. GIO’s cover also ensures cover up to $5000 for collision damage to your car by an uninsured driver who is at fault.

Why work with Carbiz instead of going directly to GIO

Not my fault car accidents happen – and you have the right to drive. Our team are experts in handling these types of insurance claims – and we will get you back on the road with a like for like accident replacement vehicle. Working with us means less hassle for you!
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Carbiz, We’ll help you – Accident Car Hire Simplified

We will work with GIO on your behalf
The team at Carbiz will handle your insurance claim and ensure that you are back on the road as soon as possible with an accident replacement vehicle.

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Right to drive 

Like for like accident replacement vehicles to get you back on the road as soon as possible

Carbiz offers a fleet of 200 late-model cars meaning we can match your vehicle to an accident replacement vehicle easily. Not my fault car accidents can leave you without a car – but they shouldn’t! Our team will help you secure a like-for-like accident replacement vehicle while managing the process for you.

Carbiz – We’ll help you

Our team at Carbiz has simplified the application process – and we will work with GIO on your behalf. From managing the insurance claim to providing you with car hire, our goal is to get you the best deal. At Carbiz, we will have you back on the road as soon as possible with one of our accident replacement vehicles.
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