BMW – The ultimate driving machine

If you are a BMW driver, then you probably already know how they make you feel. The ultimate driving machine. Whether you’re used to the BMW 5 Series, the X3 or even the BMW 1 Series, we’re sure your car holds a special place in your heart.
BMW is known for having created some of the world’s great sports sedans, roadsters and motorbikes and with over 100 years in operation, they know a thing or two about producing engines. The German car company has been in Australia since 1979. In its first year it sold just 1600 vehicles, while currently they sell in the region of 20 000 BMW’s every year in Australia alone.

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Did you have a not at fault crash in your BMW?

A typical sunny Australian day suddenly turned upside down on your drive home – a car loses control and hits you from behind. After checking everyone’s safety, liability is the next most important consideration. Your BMW is wrecked – and facing considerable time in the repair yard.
Did you know that as the not at fault driver, you are entitled to a like for like accident replacement vehicle? Car hire after an accident that wasn’t your fault shouldn’t leave you feeling frazzled, out of pocket and driving a car that is nothing like your own.
You’re used to your BMW – you deserve a like for like accident replacement

Not my fault? Contact the team at Carbiz. We’ll help you.

Not my fault? Contact Carbiz, we’ll help you!

While accidents happen, as the not at fault driver, it can be infuriating, especially when you take a minute to realise that your insurance policy will probably only cover a sub-par hire car from their preferred insurer’s rental company. But as the not at fault driver, you have the right to drive! Did you know that this means driving off in a car similar to your own BMW?