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Any Mercedes-Benz owner would tell you the feeling they get driving their car. Known for safety and quality, Mercedes-Benz was first introduced into Australia over 60 years ago. Currently, there are over 35 Mercedes-Benz models sold in Australia, including the S63 AMG, SLK, G Series, GL Series & ML Series.

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Not at fault accident damaged your Mercedes-Benz?

There’s nothing worse than being in a not at fault car accident and realising that you might just get stuck with a lower class and unfamiliar car. This doesn’t have to be the case! As the not at fault driver, we’ll help you get what you deserve.

Not my fault? Need help? Contact Carbiz

Accidents can be overwhelming – from the accident scene, organising your now-wrecked car to the repair yard, handling your insurance claim. The list goes on! The team at Carbiz is on hand and ready to help you. If you’ve been in an accident and you were not at fault, then you have the right to drive. We will handle your claim for you so that you can get back to the things that are important to you.

Our team knows that you are busy, that’s why we will handle everything for you – including securing a like for like accident replacement car delivered to you.

Don’t get stuck with just any old car – Like for like accident replacement vehicles

As the not at fault driver, you have the right to drive. We will assist you with a like for like accident replacement car – at no cost to you.

Not my fault car accident? Contact us. We'll help you