Carbiz is Sydney’s best car accident support service.

We offer a wide range of services to help people who are not at fault in car accidents, with and without insurance.

This includes:

  • Driving your damaged car to a repairer that suits you, not the insurer
  • Providing you with a replacement rental car until your car is fixed
  • Managing the repairs
  • Getting you back on the road in less than an hour*
  • Handling the not at fault insurance claims
  • Offering fast, experienced and professional 5-star customer service

*In 90% of cases

Carbiz is the answer to any worry you might have about renting a car, especially when you have an accident and your own car is off the road. First class service with delivery to your car repairer. Friendly, uncomplicated and informative.

David Reidy

Not at fault in an accident? Call Carbiz 1300 889 256

Not at fault in an accident without insurance?

We can still help you. We’ll handle:

  • Sourcing quotes from car repairers
  • Recommending affordable repairers
  • Providing great quality rental cars until your car is fixed
  • Offering friendly, experienced 5-star customer service

Need help with a ‘not my fault’ car insurance claim? Call Carbiz 1300 889 256 or Appy Online now