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Who pays for the loan car?

The invoice for the costs will be sent through to the at-fault party (or their insurer) once your car has either been repaired or the car has been confirmed as a loss. The payment is then made on your behalf by the at-fault party. It is important to assist in providing the correct details of the at-fault party to Carbiz, as well as assisting in contacting the at-fault party (or their insurers) should it be needed.

Loan Car FAQ
At Fault FAQ

What happens if the at-fault party doesn’t pay?

Should the at-fault party (or their insurers) fail to pay the invoice, legal proceedings may be undertaken to recover the funds. Assistance may be required from you, as the not-at-fault party, to provide a statement or attend as a witness in court.

Will you be stuck with the costs of the loan car?

Provided you are not at-fault, fulfil your obligations and otherwise act in accordance with the terms and conditions of our agreement, we will not hold you liable for the loan car costs.

Loan Car Costs FAQ

Accident replacement vehicles are quick and easy with Carbiz, We provide:

A car similar to yours.

We provide a reduced insurance excess so you have less to worry about.

We can deliver the car directly to you, making it easy and hassle free.

Our local team are here to offer support and assistance should you require it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The accident was my fault – Can you still help me?

Yes, of course! We can recommend trustworthy repairers to get your car fixed. We also have a wide range of late model rental vehicles at competitive rates.

Are there any costs?

Provided you are not at fault in an accident, Carbiz Rentals will recover rental costs from the at fault party, you may need to assist us in the recovery of the costs, should it be required. You are only responsible for normal car rental terms and conditions, which will include fuel costs, tolls and fines. That’s it!

I’m not sure who is at fault

If you’re not sure who is at-fault in your accident, call us. Our friendly team is standing by. Call 1300 889 256 or fill out our online contact form.

Am I eligible?

If you’ve been in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, then you may have a claim. There must be at least two cars involved and you must have the details of the at-fault party. Then you may be eligible to a rental replacement car with the costs covered by the other party.

Is getting a replacement car a simple process?

Yes! Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles has a simple and efficient process that gets you back on the road as quickly as possible. All we need are the accident details, the at-fault driver’s details and any supporting documentation. Our experienced, friendly team will assess your claim as quickly as possible, usually on the spot.

What is an accident replacement vehicle?

An accident replacement vehicle is provided to not-at-fault drivers in the event of an multi-vehicle accident. An accident replacement rental is provided for the not-at-fault driver to make use of while his/her car is being repaired. The rental costs are covered by the at-fault driver.