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In Australia there are thousands of vehicle accidents every day.
Being involved in an accident can be both stressful and overwhelming.

Our mission is to get our customers back on the road conveniently and safely by providing a like-for-like replacement vehicle delivered to you.

Did you know, in an accident you have a choice of repairer and the right to a replacement vehicle. A lot of Aussies find dealing with their insurance companies painful, frustrating and time consuming.

We take care of the headaches and deal with the process end to end.

The best part is if you are not at fault there is no cost as the bill is picked up by the at-fault insurance policy.

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Our customers say it best

“Professional & easy to deal with. What more could you ask for? Delivered a current year Kia equivalent to my smash repair, ready for me to pick up & drive home.”

– Dan Smith

Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles: 

Your Comprehensive Post-Accident Partner

Accidents, often unforeseen and always unwelcome, can derail the rhythm of our daily lives. In the vast expanse of Australia, where the roads stretch for miles and vehicles serve as essential companions, facing an accident can be incredibly disruptive. However, with Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles, you’re neither alone nor unsupported during such trying times.

Every day, a myriad of Australians experience the jolt of an accident – the unexpected swerve, the blaring horn, or the dreaded crunch of metal. The immediate aftermath often sees a mix of shock, disbelief, and the dawning realization of ensuing inconveniences. This is where our unwavering commitment at Carbiz comes to the fore.

We are not just a service; we are an embodiment of understanding, empathy, and swift action. Recognizing the pivotal role vehicles play in your daily routine, be it commuting for work, running errands, or school drop-offs, our primary objective is to minimize disruptions. We prioritize restoring normalcy by ensuring that a top-quality, comparable replacement vehicle reaches your designated location promptly.

In the vast world of insurance, many nuances and entitlements remain obscured. It might come as a surprise to many that, as an Australian motorist, there lies the choice and right to select a preferred vehicle repairer. Moreover, the entitlement extends to securing a replacement vehicle to bridge the gap during repairs. While these entitlements exist, navigating the labyrinth of insurance procedures, deciphering jargon-heavy policies, and managing seemingly endless paperwork can be an overwhelming task. This is where our expertise and years of experience become invaluable. Carbiz offers more than just a service; we offer peace of mind. Our dedicated team dives deep into the intricacies, ensuring you’re shielded from the complexities and can focus on what truly matters.

But what about the financial aspect? Accidents come with many uncertainties, and the looming question of expenses can add to the stress. With Carbiz, this is one less worry on your plate. If the mishap wasn't due to your oversight, the financial aspect is seamlessly managed. The expenses are routed through the at-fault party's insurance, ensuring you remain free from any undue financial burdens. It's our way of ensuring that in difficult times, your well-being and convenience remain paramount.

In essence, Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles stands as a beacon of support, reliability, and unwavering commitment. We champion the cause of Australian motorists, endeavoring to set a gold standard in post-accident assistance and support.

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