Carbiz offers Sydney's best end-to-end accident management service


Meet Our Team

Our family-owned business has been in the Sydney car industry for over 30 years

Alex at Carbiz
David Patric at Carbiz
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About Us

Experts in Accident Management

Carbiz Rentals are experts in accident management, car replacement rentals and handling insurance claims. Our team works with clients across the Greater Sydney area, ensuring that you get back on the road as quickly as possible. What we will help?

Repair Partner

With our extensive network of repair partners, we’ll source the most affordable option to get you back on the road

Loan Vehicle

While you wait for your car to be repaired. we’ll help you find a suitable accident loan vehicle so that life as normal can continue.

Not at fault?

Don’t let an accident stop you from securing an accident replacement vehicle. The team at Carbiz is here to help you

Matching Vehicle

Our fleet of 200 late-model cars means we can match your vehicle to an accident replacement vehicle easily

Available 24/7

Carbiz team offers an end-to-end service, from the scene of the crash through to your successful insurance claim.

Replacement Vehicle

Our team will help you secure a like-for-like accident replacement vehicle while managing the process for you.

The team at Carbiz is here to help you get back on the road

If you were not at fault, there was more than one car involved and you have the at fault driver’s details. then you may be eligible for an accident loan vehicle at no cost.

Not sure who is at fault? We’ll help you


What you get with Carbiz Rentals

  • 24/7 Service
  • Large Car Fleet
  • Greater Sydney coverage
  • 20+ years experience
  • Simple online claim
  • Fast and professional service
  • Deliver replacement car direct to you
  • Deliver your car to the repairer
  • Reduced insurance excess
  • You don’t pay a cent (If you are not at-fault)

Want Sydney’s most supportive accident claims management? Call Carbiz Rentals


What Our Customers Say

Carbiz is fantastic. They made the process very simple and delivered a replacement vehicle directly to my repairer when I dropped off my car.

This is a big step up in service compared to other car rental companies where you will most likely have to fund your own travel back and forth to collect and drop off your rental. I was very impressed with the service level here and it made a big difference.

J. Petrella

CEO, Hepinvite

Giving back to the community

We love being part of the Sydney community. We want to give back and create pathways to help others, and especially disadvantaged kids, to go far in life.

  • A corporate sponsor of Sydney FC
  • A player partner sponsor of Socceroo Rhyan Grant
  • Sponsor some of our local football clubs

When it’s more than one drivers fault
When it’s more than one drivers fault

Car accidents can be complicated - sometimes it’s more than one driver who is at fault for the accident. What happens in this situation?  There is one driver who is at fault - and it was not you In this case it’s generally a simple open and close case - the driver at...

Car insurance excess explained
Car insurance excess explained

Have you ever had an accident and been faced with a large insurance excess bill at the end of it? Here’s a bit more about your car insurance excess. Car insurance excess is the fixed amount you pay towards your accident claim - this amount is set out in your insurance...

Not your fault? How should you make that claim?
Not your fault? How should you make that claim?

While car accidents take mere seconds to happen, the aftermath can take ages to fix and sort out - especially if you were not at fault, but it doesn't have to be! With the right team on your side, an accident that was not your fault doesn’t need to leave you out of...

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