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The Japanese brand, Honda, has been in Australia for over 50 years. Loved by many, the humble Honda is enjoyed across the country. From cars and motorcycles to generators, lawnmowers and marine engines, Honda has quite a diverse range of products on the market

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Car accident? Not my fault

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Not at fault accidents happen. One moment you are driving along without a care in the world – and the next, you get the fright of your life. As the not at fault driver, you are entitled to get back on the road – with a like for like accident replacement car. All we need are the accident details, the at-fault driver’s details and any supporting documentation. Our experienced, friendly team will assess your claim as quickly as possible, usually on the spot

Like for like accident replacement cars – Drive a Honda accident replacement vehicle

Don’t miss your Honda while it’s getting repaired

Drive a like for like accident replacement car

So you’ve been in an accident – and you were not at fault, leaving you with the right to drive! This means that you can secure a like for like accident replacement car to drive around in while you wait for your car to be repaired. With a fleet of 200 vehicles, we believe that an accident shouldn’t keep you off the road – especially if it was not your fault.

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