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13/11 Waler Cres, Smeaton Grange NSW 2567
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Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles:
Steering You Right in Smeaton Grange

Let's face it, car accidents shake us up. They interrupt our plans, and suddenly, the simple act of getting from A to B becomes a challenge. But here's where Carbiz comes into the picture, smoothing out the wrinkles and giving you back control. Especially if you weren't the one at fault.

Diving Deeper into the 'Not At Fault' Service

So you've had an accident and it wasn’t your fault. You shouldn't be left holding the bag, right? At Carbiz, we champion this sentiment. Our not at fault accident replacement vehicles are designed for those caught in this very bind. It's our way of saying, "Hey, life happens, but we've got your back." While your trusty ride gets patched up, we slide you into the driver’s seat of another, ensuring life rolls on. And guess what? Typically, the bill heads straight to the at-fault party's insurance. Neat, huh?

All Roads Lead to Smeaton Grange

Proudly expanding our horizons, we’re planting our flag in Smeaton Grange, a lively node that resonates with the spirit of community. This isn’t just another branch; it's Carbiz embracing and celebrating the unique rhythm of Smeaton Grange. It’s our pledge to be right where you need us, offering the impeccable service that's become synonymous with Carbiz.

Why swing by our Smeaton Grange branch?
  1. Immediate Assistance: No hanging about. We're all about getting you mobile, pronto.
  2. Choice on Wheels: From zippy hatchbacks to roomy SUVs, pick what fits your vibe.
  3. No Fuss, All Trust: We've kicked the jargon to the curb. With us, it's straightforward, no-nonsense, and all about you.
  4. Let’s Talk Money (or not): If you’re not to blame, typically, you won’t see the bill. The at-fault party’s insurance usually sorts that out.
Wrapping Up

Life’s got its share of speed bumps. With Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles, especially our fresh-faced Smeaton Grange branch, those bumps just got a bit easier to navigate. Swing by and let us steer things right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Replacement Vehicle is assigned to you for the duration of your car repairs. Should this take longer than originally estimated, a rental lease extension may be applied upon confirmation from the repairer. For this to happen, we may need your assistance in getting further information from the repairer.
There are no up-front fees for the replacement vehicle itself, though we do require your credit card details in the event of fuel, tolls and fines that may be incurred. Under the terms of our agreement, you are contractually liable for the costs of the Replacement Vehicle, which Carbiz will seek to recover from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider on your behalf. To allow us to do so, your cooperation may be required.
Yes, of course! We can recommend trustworthy repairers to get your car fixed. We also have a wide range of late model rental vehicles at competitive rates.