Getting an accident replacement vehicle

Stressed after an accident? Besides the stress of the post-accident trauma, you’re also probably worried about how long your car is going to be in the repair shop. Understandable – being off of the road, stuck without a car can really put a spanner into your plans. 

Getting to work, making sure the kids get to school on time, picking up groceries – and all the other things you’ve got on your to-do list – being without a car is really not an option. There is a solution for you – an accident replacement vehicle.

Interested in learning how? There are a few different scenarios, we’ve investigated the most common ones below.

You were not at fault

If you were not at fault then there is a bit of good news. In Sydney, you have the right to drive. This means that you are able to get back onto the road as quickly as possible with an accident replacement car – costs to be covered by the party at fault. It’s important to remember that you will need to provide the at fault party’s details to the team at Carbiz so that we can assist you with your claim. 

You were at fault but you don’t have replacement vehicle cover

If you were responsible for the car accident, you are liable for the costs involved – and if you do not have car hire cover, you will need to pay for the cost of an accident replacement vehicle should you want one.

You were at fault but you have replacement vehicle cover with your insurance policy

If you were at fault but you do have cover for accident replacement vehicle costs while your car is being repaired, then your insurer will take care of the costs. This all depends on your specific cover and insurance policy.

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