Braking to avoid an accident? Here’s what you need to know

Good braking techniques make up the foundation of your driving skills. Here are a few key braking points to remember when in both normal driving and emergency situations.

Stopping area

Scanning the road ahead and constantly maintaining attention on the rules of the road are necessary in determining your ideal stopping area. The key to preventing a situation that is out of your control is allowing enough time to brake smoothly.

Enough braking distance 

Besides ensuring that you are constantly aware of the distance in front of you - it's crucial that you make sure that there is enough road to brake. The ideal braking distance will change depending on road conditions, weather and other wheel specific factors. Avoid an accident that is not your fault by being aware of the changes in braking conditions.

Your foot placement matters

Where do you keep your foot while driving? Another key point is where you place your foot when approaching a situation that you may not be in control of. Covering the brake with your foot during these situations may reduce your reaction time. Quicker reaction time? Anything can help reduce your potential of being in a car accident.

Defensive driving may prevent an accident that’s not your fault

Knowing that other drivers on the road may not be as skilled at braking as you, or maybe more distracted while driving than you, is important to remember. At all times it is important to be aware of not only your situation but also of the cars around you and their driving situation.
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