Like For Like Accident Replacement Vehicles - What You Need to Know?

If you’ve ever been stuck without your beloved car due to an accident then you know the struggles! And renting a car can be expensive - especially if you want to get a loan car similar to your own. Imagine needing to get groceries or pick up your child and (all of) their friends from soccer practice - things can get a lot more complicated if you’re without a car.

The good news is that if you’re not at fault and in Australia, then you don’t really need to worry! As the driver not at fault, you may be entitled to an accident replacement vehicle - at no expense - while your vehicle is being repaired. And on top of this, your car rental should be a like for like model - this is important to remember! But what does this all mean, and what do you need to know?

If you’re used to driving a 7 seater SUV that can carry all your kids back and forth then why should you settle for a city run-about if you’re not at fault? This is exactly why not-my-fault car insurance claims are important - if the other driver caused the accident, then you shouldn’t be the one living with the consequences of the accident. A like for like accident replacement vehicle is a loan car that is similar (and if you’re lucky enough!) the same as your own car that is now in for repairs - it’s really that simple. The cost, as we mentioned, is covered by the at fault driver or their insurance - with zero upfront costs payable by you.

So if you’re in a car accident tomorrow - and the other driver is to blame, then give us a call first. Our team will help you in every step of the way. Not-at-fault claims are not widely known about, making it even more important to work with a team - that is there to help you - right from the beginning.

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