Must have car features to look out for

Buying a new car can be overwhelming! All the features that are available, and all of the options between models. There has been an incredible advancement in technology over the past decade, leading to tough choices, pricey options and multiple acronyms for features that you aren’t even sure you will need.
Here’s a list of must-have car features

Comfortable seats

Seats are often overlooked as a feature as they aren’t the showcase – and seat comfort varies from car to car and person and person – but it’s important to properly test drive a car and assess the seat comfort. You wouldn’t want to buy a car with uncomfortable seats, especially with the amount of time you spend driving around!

AEB/ Automatic emergency braking

AEB will initiate braking for you if you don’t react in time in the event of a potential collision. AEB has the benefit of forward-collision warning and could potentially prevent a collision.

A backup camera

A backup camera is a great feature for reversing large cars – helping you to see any obstructions that may be behind you and reducing the risk of reversing over something.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity lets you link up your phone to the cars sound system, allowing you the ability to answer your phone hands-free. A great safety feature if you are on your phone a lot while driving.

Automatic windscreen wipers and headlights

Automation is handy for wipers and headlights – two fewer things for you to worry about when navigating around town.
There are so many great features out there today – what are your non-negotiables when buying a new car?