Never do this while driving!

Sure you’ve heard it before - distracted driving is dangerous. There are always awareness campaigns outlining the dangers of drinking and driving, speeding or even fatigued driving - but have you ever considered that you should never do this when driving?

Drive too slowly

Speed does kill - but did you know driving well below the indicated speed limit is also very dangerous. This is because other drivers may get confused with you - and may potentially even see your car as a stationary object. 

Brake when cornering

Did you know braking while cornering can be very dangerous? Braking can push your tyres beyond their limits, causing loss of traction and control of your vehicle. Rather brake before you start to corner.

Swat that bug

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents - distractions from mobile phones is well known but attempting to deal with a stray insect is just as dangerous.

Lose your temper

Road rage can be just as bad as drunk driving - stress, anger and anxiety can lower your inhibitions and increase your likelihood of giving in to risky behaviours such as speeding. 


Have you ever driven past an accident and taken a sneaky peak? This dangerous behaviour may just land you in a bit of trouble yourself! Even that second of lost focus can lead to an accident

Check your glovebox

Quickly taking your eyes off of the road to grab something out of your glovebox can have serious consequences - sure it sounds like a small enough task to do while driving, but in that split second something on the road can change. Rather get what you need when you have stopped.