Not at Fault? Read This First!

Ever wondered how to take the stress out of a car accident that wasn’t even your fault? Work with the right team! Yes you heard right - the best way to get through possibly one of the most stressful situations in your life is to work with the right team. At Carbiz, we’ll help you. Here’s how.

24/7 accident support line

Our team is ready and available to help you any time of the day. It’s as easy as giving us a quick call on our dedicated accident support line. We’ll help you! Our team offers accident replacement vehicles in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Easy application process

We’ve simplified the application process to make things easier for you. You can either apply directly online or with our team. What’s better than knowing you won’t be filling out paperwork for days! All you need to provide for your not at fault insurance claim are the full details of the driver who was at fault. Our experienced consultants are also able to assist you in determining which driver was at fault, so if you’re unsure, just give us a call - we’ll help you!

Local team - we’ll help you!

Our team is based right here in Australia! We also offer our services in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Like for like accident replacement vehicle

It’s important to us that your needs and expectations are met. As the driver not at fault, you may be entitled to an accident replacement vehicle at no cost - and the vehicle that is covered should be similar to your own. Having a like for like accident replacement vehicle just makes sense right?

Insurance claim management

Our experienced team is ready to handle your claim on your behalf!

Need help after a car accident? We’ll help you