Things to be alert of when driving

We often fall into the trap of driving in “auto pilot” - becoming complacent about things around us that we should ideally be alert to when driving. Accidents happen - and there are many reasons why. But lowering your risk of an accident that is not your fault can be done by keeping an eye out for these everyday hazards. 
Here are a few things to be alert of 
Excessive speeding
Speeding, even by a few kph, can quickly escalate into a dangerous situation. Speeding - by either you or other drivers - can lead to mistakes. 
Not enough following distance
Tailgating is particularly dangerous as it takes away your ability to make any last minute changes in speed. If you find yourself tailgating another car, take a minute and pull back. If, however, you are the one being tailgated, consider giving the other driver an opportunity to overtake. 
Distracted driving
Driving while distracted happens frequently! The obvious distractions include busying yourself on your cell phone, eating or even putting on makeup, but are you aware of the less obvious distractions? From being fully engaged while listening to your favourite podcast to having a deep conversation with a passenger, As the driver, it’s important to keep your focus on the road.
Potholes or debris in the road
Poor road conditions can lead to dangerous situations. Be sure to keep an eye on the road ahead when driving - particularly out of town and on unfamiliar roads.
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