What should you do after a car accident?

So you’ve had a car accident – now what? Many of us are often unsure about what to do – from securing the scene to making sure you are covered for any damage. It can all be overwhelming – and what happens when it’s not even your fault?

Here is a quick list of things you should do in the event of an accident.

Do you or anyone else need medical assistance?

If anyone is injured, then call 000 immediately for assistance.

Check the surrounding area

It’s important to make the area safe to prevent another accident from happening.

Do you need to call the police?

You will need to call the police if someone has been injured or if there is third-party property damage where the owner is not present. Notify the police if there is any suspicion of any drugs or alcohol being involved in the accident 

Collect and exchange information

Once the scene has been secured, the next thing to do is to exchange details with other drivers involved. Here is a list of details you should exchange:

  - Full name

  - Residential address

  - Mobile number

  - Drivers licence number

  - Registration number

  - Insurance details

Call us

Our team at Carbiz will be able to talk you through the process to follow after an accident – as well as providing more information on accident replacement vehicles should you require one.

What happens if it wasn’t your fault?

Accidents can leave you without a car while it’s getting fixed. And an accident that isn’t your fault can leave you with bills for panel beaters and rental cars. If it’s not your fault and more than one car is involved, you may have the right to a loan car with the costs covered by the at-fault party – contact Carbiz to find out if you qualify.