What to Look For in a Panel Beater

A car accident can be such an emotionally upsetting time - especially if you were not at fault! Let’s not even mention everything that you need to get sorted  - from your car insurance claim process, to who pays for damages and of course, getting your car fixed at a reputable panel beater.

We’ve put together a list of things that you should look out for when looking for a panel beater. The Carbiz team has built up an extensive and reputable network to assist you from the accident scene all the way until we drop off your newly repaired vehicle - contact us first!

  • A good reputation

    Let’s face it - reputation matters. It’s important to find out more about the prospective panel beaters before getting any repair work done. At Carbiz, we have an extensive network of reputable businesses - that will ensure that your car gets the best treatment! Together with a great reputation, it’s important to find out more from a prospective repairer - such as how long it will take to fix the damage or if they are familiar with your type of vehicle. Using a reputable repair workshop will also help with your insurance claim process.

  • The work environment

    A clean and professional work environment is important to achieving a professional finish to your repair work. How the equipment is laid out or how modern the equipment should also be considered.

  • What type of parts they use to repair vehicles with

    Cheap panel beater quotes seem great at first - but have you considered that perhaps they are using non-genuine aftermarket replacement parts or poor workmanship practices? Consider the safety impacts of using parts that don’t come with a quality guarantee.

  • Workmanship guarantees

    Will your repair come with any guarantees on the work that has been done? This is an important question to ask - you will also need to find out if your insurer has any preferred repair workshops or indications prior to committing.

Not at fault in an accident or not, our team at Carbiz takes pride in ensuring the entire accident management process is taken care of - from helping at the accident scene, managing your insurance claim process and getting your vehicle taken to a reputable repair workshop or panel beater.