What you need to do if you are involved in a car accident

While they are unavoidable, accidents are something you need to be prepared for. A few basic things to remember - but more importantly, one important number to save on your phone and remember. đź“ž1300 889 256
Here are a few things you need to do.

Check on everybody

If you’re not injured, then take a moment to check on everyone else involved in the accident. If anyone has been seriously injured - unless they are in more danger. 

Move your car into a safe place

Once you’ve made sure everyone is safe - and no one has been injured, it’s important to move your car off the road into a safer place. 

Call emergency and police services - if necessary

This step is important 

  • If anybody is hurt,
  • If another driver seems impaired by alcohol or drugs,
  • If there are serious damage or danger,
  • If the other party didn’t stop or refuse to give their details.

Exchange details and gather evidence

While a small accident won't need any emergency services, you will need to exchange details and gather evidence from the accident scene.
Some of the details you should get from the other driver involved includes their name, surname, address, insurance company, registration details and details of the vehicle owner (especially if this is a different person to the driver).
We’ve covered evidence before - read this to learn about things you need to gather while on scene.

Call for help

More often than not, your car will need to go to a repair shop after an accident. And while your car is getting fixed, you will probably be left stranded. Did you know that you can call Carbiz and our team will help you with everything? From transporting your car to the repair shop and organising an accident replacement car for you to meet you where it’s convenient.

Were you not at fault?

If the other driver caused the accident, then you have the right to drive. You may be eligible for a like for like accident replacement vehicle - with the costs covered by the driver at fault. This is important to remember - you shouldn’t be inconvenienced by an accident that was not your fault. Contact our team for more details, we’ll help you.