Why tyre pressure matters?

Finding the correct inflation for your tyres is important to ensuring a safe journey – but have you ever wondered what the right tyre pressure is? It actually depends on the car, its load, your nature of driving and the surface you are driving on.


Under-inflating your tyres decreases your vehicles response time, performance and safety of your car. While over-inflating your tyres decreases traction while damaging your tyres.

You can easily tell by assessing the wear – if the tyres wear on the edges, they are under-inflated. However, if they are wearing on the crown – they are over-inflated.


While tyre pressure or psi is influenced by a variety of factors, normal air loss can also occur – tyres will naturally lose about 1-2 psi per month due to regular wear and tear.


Here are some tips to keeping your tyres in top shape

-          Monitor the wear rates and rotate the tyres every 5000km (but be careful if they’re directional tyres)

-          Check tyre pressures fortnightly

-          Take note of your car’s recommended inflation pressure, this can be found on the insider of the driver’s door frame.

-          Consider where you will be driving. Dirt roads, tar roads and beach drives all require different tyre pressures for optimal driving

-          If you are going to be driving with a heavy load or towing


Tyres are crucial to safe driving and provide a critical point between you and the road, so be sure to keep up maintenance.