Your Complete Checklist to Picking Up Your Newly Repaired Vehicle

If your car needed to be repaired following a car accident then you’re not alone! Many people have to get their cars fixed after an accident - even when the accident was not their fault. So if you weren't able to drive your car at all or if you took it in for a thorough inspection following the accident, here are some crucial checks to make before driving off.

Check your airbag lights

Airbags can save your life in the event of an accident - but they also need to be replaced after an accident to ensure that they will work again on impact. Be sure to double check that no airbag lights are going off as this could indicate that something isn't quite right and should be addressed before driving off.

Ask about the torque

Any replacement of suspension parts should be torqued according to your car's manufacturer specifications. Improper assembly can lead to poor handling and performance - and can be very dangerous. Ask your repair workshop about what procedure was followed and what torque specifications were used.

Spare parts

Many repair shops use aftermarket or even used parts to repair damaged vehicles as a way to save money. Ask for more information about what parts were used in repairing your vehicle and if you are seeking original manufacturer parts then be sure to speak up before proceeding with the repair.


Car accidents can often mess with the alignment of a car. This can affect driving - where the car pulls to one side or the other, or can result in tyres worn unevenly. It’s important to ask if the alignment was checked and if there was any damage to the frame of your vehicle.

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