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About Us

At Carbiz, we pride ourselves on providing a range of key 5-star full-circle services that serve your driving needs. Based in Australia and with over 60 years of combined automotive and customer service experience, our team of professionals is there to ensure all your needs are met – customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

From car buying and selling solutions through to rideshare rental options, the Carbiz group caters to your automotive needs. Other services that round up our full circle offering include vehicle finance, warranty, roadside assistance, accident support services and a wide range of after-market products and services.

Carbiz has created and shaped an effortlessly simple and easy way to buy your ideal car – our professional team works with you to source the car of your dreams at the best possible price.

Selling your car is quick, easy and safe through Carbiz – get the best possible price, professional advice, and safe service. If you accept our offer, you get your money within minutes!

Carbiz offers a wide range of vehicle rental options. From short-term rentals, rideshare rentals, and accident replacement vehicle rental. Our full circle Carbiz Platinum subscription offering is like owning a car without the commitment.

Being in a motor vehicle accident is a horrible experience especially if it’s not your fault. Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicle rental offering that can assist whether you are fault or not-at-fault in an accident, the Carbiz team is on hand to ensure you find the replacement vehicle to suit your needs!

Rideshare rentals is another key focus of the Carbiz rentals team. With this offering, you are able to earn an income by renting a vehicle and giving you’re the freedom to drive with UBER, OLA or TAXIFY.

With a wide selection of late model vehicles, from small to large, commercial to prestige, the Carbiz group is your automotive partner.

Carbiz – all things cars.