My Fault Car Accident Hire & Insurance

My Fault Car Accident Hire And Insurance

Accidents happen, and sometimes you are at fault. Whether you caused a car accident or were involved in a multi-car accident where you’re not sure who’s to blame, let us help with your at fault car insurance claim and get you back on the road.
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Had A Car Accident That Was Your Fault?

Don’t panic! Get in touch with us via our accident support line as soon as possible, and we’ll help you:
  • Drive your damaged car to your chosen repairer.
  • Manage your repairs.
  • Sort out your insurance claim.
  • Provide you with an accident replacement vehicle until your car is fixed.
  • Get you back on the road in as little as an hour.

What To Do in an “At Fault” Car Accident!

Immediately following an accident, remember to:
  • Remain calm.
  • Report the car accident as soon as possible.
  • Exchange details with the other drivers involved.
  • Collect as much evidence while you’re at the scene: photos, driver histories, details of vehicle ownership, witnesses statements, etc.
  • Be as honest as possible.
  • Contact Carbiz.
We’re experts at handling insurance claims and providing an accident replacement vehicle to you.

My Fault? Learn More!

If you are at fault in a car accident, your insurance policy will conduct a thorough investigation. They may or may not pay out your liability. Call Us and let our expert team navigate the complex and stressful insurance claim process.

How Does Carbiz Work?

An accident is already stressful enough as it is. And when it’s your fault? It’s sometimes hard to know what to do. We’ll help you by:
  • Sourcing quotes from repairers
  • Recommending affordable repairers
  • Providing you with a replacement car just like your own
  • Helping you with your insurance claim
All this with friendly, professional customer service!

I’m Not Insured, Can Carbiz Help Me in a Car Accident?

Although we do not handle claims directly, with my fault car accidents we can offer assistance and guidance after the car accident has occurred. At Carbiz, we have relationships with many insurance companies, and our expert team can help you with your insurance claim and navigate any stressful situations.

What Replacement Vehicles Do Carbiz Offer?

We have over 600 late-model cars to choose from in many makes, models, and sizes. So whatever your requirements, you will find the right accident replacement vehicle easily. Let us match your vehicle with a top-quality car so you can get back to living your life and back on the road in no time!

Want To Hire A Car For An Accident, At Fault?

The Carbiz team can help you with managing your insurance claim, securing car hire in Sydney and getting your car to and from the repair workshop. If both parties have Third Party Property Damage we can assist in acquiring a like-for-like replacement vehicle.

What does a like-for-like vehicle mean? It means a vehicle that is similar to your own and falls in the same category as the car you’re familiar with driving. Contact Us today for free consultation and roadside assistance.

Hear From Our Most Recent Reviews And Testimonials!

Very easy to deal with. Given an almost new car of the same model to drive as a replacement car while mine is getting fixed. The car is delivered promptly to the repairer and will be picked up from there. Paperwork all done online. Would definitely use it again.

– Judith
What Locations Do You Service? Where Can I Hire A Car?
Find your nearest Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles here, and let us help take the stress out of your at-fault accident.
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