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What to do in an accident that was your fault

Car accidents – they happen. And sometimes you are at fault – my fault? Contact us today! So you’ve had an accident – and you’re fairly certain you are at fault, what should you do? And maybe you’ve been in a multi vehicle car accident, and no one is sure of who is at fault – what do you do?
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Immediately following a car accident, it’s important to:

  • Directly following your accident, it’s important to remain calm – whether it was your fault or the other drivers fault.
  • Report the car accident as soon as possible.
  • Exchange details with the other drivers involved.
  • Collect evidence while on the accident scene (All evidence collected will be used in processing your car accident insurance claim. Evidence of your car accident can include photos of the vehicles involved, details of witnesses as well as any of their statements, details of vehicle ownership, driver histories. Make as many notes as possible).
  • Always be honest.
  • Work with the experts from the beginning – The Carbiz team can help you with managing your insurance claim, securing car hire in Sydney and getting your car to and from the repair workshop.

My fault car accident? Don’t panic! We’ll help with the insurance claim

It’s important to remain calm after an accident – even if you are at fault. Contact the team at Carbiz as soon as possible via our accident support line.

We offer a range of services – were you at fault? We’ll help you

  • Driving your damaged car to a repairer that suits you.
  • Handing your insurance claim.
  • Management of the repairs.
  • Getting you back on the road in less than an hour*.
  • Providing you with an accident replacement vehicle until your car is fixed.

Currently the Carbiz team helps clients across the greater Sydney area.

From handling your car insurance claim through to helping you with car hire, our team ensures friendly and efficient service. Thanks Jed for this review!

Unreal service within 2 hours of me calling had my car taken away and a new one waiting , great communication from Ben sorting it out ! And have already been in contact with the repairer

– Jed

Determining who is at fault can sometimes be tricky

If you aren’t sure who was at fault in your car accident then contact our team. As experts in accident management, car replacement rentals and handling insurance claims across the general Sydney area, we’ll help you
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Are you in Sydney, Australia?

All registered vehicles in NSW have compulsory third party insurance. It is the insurer that pays out the compensation for personal injury claims of other parties. If you are at fault and liable to pay money to another party, an insurance policy may or may not pay this liability for you after a thorough investigation. My fault car accident? Our team can help you
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Hiring a car after an accident can cause a headache

Have you ever been stuck with a car that was completely different to your own? We specialise in helping you find a hire car that is similar to your own car. See what Andy had to say!

Fantastic service. Incredible to have a car delivered to me within an hour of my car being swiped by a truck. The Honda you provided was a joy to drive as well. Thank you

– Andy Paschalidis

At fault in a car accident? We’ll help you by

  • Sourcing quotes from repairers
  • Recommending affordable repairers
  • Providing great quality rental cars until your car is fixed
  • Offering friendly, experienced 5 star customer service
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