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Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles:
Exciting Times Ahead!

G'day to all our valued partners, clients, and the fantastic Aussie community! We're buzzing with excitement and couldn't wait to share some fantastic news with you.

Our Castle Hill branch has moved to Blacktown

Our Castle Hill branch is making a grand leap and relocating to Blacktown! This isn't just a change of address; it's a brand-new chapter in our journey, one brimming with promise and potential. Blacktown, with its bustling streets and diverse community, offers us an even better platform to serve you.

Delivering Convenience on Wheels

At Carbiz Accident Replacement Vehicles, we've always prided ourselves on putting YOU first. And what spells convenience more than getting a top-tier vehicle delivered right to your doorstep? Whether it's a sleek sedan or a spacious SUV, Ute or Van with towbars and all, or the latest EV, we’re geared up to bring your chosen vehicle to where you are. With Carbiz, it's not just about driving; it's about driving with pleasure and peace of mind.

Closer to Our Partners and Clients

Our move to Blacktown strategically positions us in closer proximity to many of our partners and clients. This isn't by chance; it's a deliberate move to foster better relationships, streamline our services, and ultimately, to serve you better. With easier access to us, collaborations become smoother, processes get faster, and the smiles? Oh, they get even wider!

Why the Buzz Around Carbiz is Real
  1. Delivery at Its Best: No need to step out! We bring your accident replacement vehicle right to your location. Convenience redefined, we say!
  2. Vast Fleet to Choose From: Our range of vehicles caters to every individual need. Your preference is our command.
  3. Building Bridges: Our move to Blacktown enables stronger ties with partners and clients. It's all about being a part of a bigger, happier community.
  4. Always Transparent: At Carbiz, we champion clarity. Every step with us is a step in confidence.
Wrapping it Up with a Big Cheer!

Our relocation to Blacktown is more than a move; it's a leap towards bigger dreams, broader horizons, and a promise to make your Carbiz experience even more delightful. We're eager and thrilled to welcome you to our new home in Blacktown. Here's to smoother drives, broader smiles, and a journey that keeps getting better!

Cheers, mates! Looking forward to seeing you soon in Blacktown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Carbiz Accident Assistance offers a simple and efficient process that gets you back behind the wheel as quickly as possible. All we need are the accident details, the at-fault driver’s details and any supporting documentation. Our experienced and friendly team will assess your claim as quickly as possible, usually on the spot.
You may be contacted by the at-fault driver’s insurance provider to ask you for information about your replacement vehicle. It is best to ask insurers to submit questions or comments in writing through email so you can have a record of your exchanges. They may even be the same as your own insurer. We recommend that you refer any queries to us as we are best placed to answer those questions. In these matters, when you do talk to insurance companies, be mindful that all conversations are recorded.
An accident Replacement Vehicle is provided to not-at-fault drivers in the event of a multi-vehicle accident for the duration of car repairs. The rental costs are covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance provider.