Are you a tradie? Your van is your life line – and we understand how an accident can not only take you off the road, it can also cause you loss in income.

Not my fault? No problem – We’ll help you.

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What should you do in the event of a car accident when not at fault?

  1. Directly following your accident, it’s important to remain calm – Whether it was your fault or the other driver’s fault.
  2. Report the car accident as soon as possible
  3. Exchange details with the other drivers involved
  4. Collect evidence while on the accident scene
    All evidence collected will be used in processing your car accident insurance claim. Evidence of your car accident can include photos of the vehicles involved, details of witnesses as well as any of their statements, details of vehicle ownership, driver histories. Make as many notes as possible
  5. Always be honest

Work with the experts from the beginning

The Carbiz team can help you with managing your insurance claim, securing car hire in Sydney and getting your car to and from the repair workshop. Don’t get caught handling an admin nightmare – not my fault accidents happen, our team is geared to help you.

As a tradie, call Carbiz first – We’ll help you.

Accident replacement vehicles that are similar to your own car

Having a van to transport your tools back and forth between jobs is vital to business success in Sydney. So what would you do as a tradie if you were to get into an accident that was not your fault? Our team firmly believes in finding you a rental option that matches your car – meaning that you won’t skip a beat while you wait for those repairs to be done. Car accident replacement vehicles done properly!

Need an accident replacement vehicle that matches your own – such as a van?

Read what Christopher had to say,
“Very helpful, kept me informed on what was happening, had the replacement van just like mine, there ready and waiting for me. Fantastic service.”
– Christopher Haithwaite

Carbiz services include:

  1. Accident management
  2. Car replacement rentals and car hire in Sydney
  3. Insurance claim management
  4. Pick up and delivery of your vehicle to and from the repair workshop within the greater Sydney area
  5. Accident management dedicated 1800 support phone line

Not at fault in a car accident as a tradie? You may have the right to drive

“Ben was great in dealing with all my needs. He was quick. Outstanding service, one phone call that’s all it took. He sorted all the paperwork and made all the necessary arrangements for my time. Thanks Ben – will use service if needed again.”
– Ronald

Contact us today – We’ll help you

Were you not at fault?

Were you in an accident that was not your fault? Was more than one vehicle involved? You may qualify for an accident replacement vehicle at no cost to yourself. If you are in the greater Sydney area and have had an accident, then contact Carbiz as soon as possible – our team will assist you with accident management, car replacement rentals and handling insurance claims.

Not my fault – find out how we can help you