5 things to not do after a car accident

There are a couple of things you should never ever do after a car accident - even if you were not at fault.

Leave your car on the road

If you’re unable to drive your car - due to injury or due to damage - then it’s best to put up a triangle to warn other drivers as well as to put on your hazards. However, it’s important to not leave your car on the road if you are able to move out of the way of other cars.

Flee the scene

No matter how big the accident is, you are legally obligated to stay at the scene and exchange details. It's illegal to flee the scene and you will face charges. You need to share your registration details, insurance details and contact information - even for the minor accidents that happen in shop parking areas.

Interfere with the accident scene

Accidents that result in serious injury or death become crime scenes - tampering or moving anything around the accident scene is illegal. Removing debris or moving anything around is considered as tampering with crime scene evidence.

Become aggressive

Accidents are stressful situations - and emotions often run high. However, it's incredibly important to control your emotions and refrain from becoming aggressive and angry. Aggression and anger is not helpful after an accident - and any intimidation or aggression could land you up with an assault charge. 

What to do if you are not at fault

If you find yourself in a car accident where the other driver is at fault, it's important to remain calm. Our team is available at any time through our dedicated accident support line. If you’re not at fault, you have the right to drive. Give us a call, we’ll help you.

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