Arranging an Accident Replacement Vehicle - How It Works

All car accidents have one thing in common - you can’t fully plan for them! You can prepare a list of things you will do in the event of one, but car accidents often happen out of the blue - and never at a good time in your life. There is, however, one guaranteed way to make sure you’ve properly prepared for a car accident when you least expect it - that’s by saving our number in your emergency contacts and giving us a call as soon as possible.

Our dedicated accident support line is on hand 24/7 to help you through an accident, from assisting you in gathering information on scene, to arranging a tow vehicle to collect your car and take it to the nearest repair shop. Another service we offer is providing accident replacement vehicles - loan cars to see you through the time while your car is getting repaired. What’s more is that if you’re not at fault, then you may be entitled to drive off in an accident replacement vehicle at no cost to you.

So how does this all work? Not my fault

Give us a call or apply directly on our website. We’ll be happy to help you as quickly as possible - with some claim assessments happening immediately. We’ve spent time refining the process to make things as quick and easy for you as possible.

Once you’ve provided us with the accident details, the at-fault driver’s details and any supporting documentation - and we’ve assessed your claim, we will be able to provide you with your accident replacement car.

If you’re not at fault, then you have the right to drive. This means that the cost of the accident replacement vehicle is covered by the driver at fault - so it’s important that you make sure you get their information at the accident scene. Accident replacement vehicles help to get you back on the road and back to normal life - with as little inconvenience as possible.

Need help after a car accident? We’ll help you

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