Be sure to mind the cyclist!

NSW motorists need to be sure to mind the gap and give cyclists a wider berth – this after the new cycling road rule comes into effect.
The new rule states that all vehicles are to leave a gap of at least one metre between you and the cyclist when overtaking at speeds up to 60km/h or 1.5 metres at speeds above 60km/h.
Research conducted by the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety in Queensland has found that bicycle and vehicle accidents were reduced up to 15 per cent as a result of this new passing gap.
If you’re caught breaking the new laws, you might just be slugged with a $330 find and a loss of two demerit points.
With cycling becoming increasingly popular in Australia – as well as becoming a eco-friendly mode of transport being adopted by many – this rule will be sure to assist with road safely for all road users.
As a motorist, be sure to have a clear view of oncoming traffic when crossing broken and unbroken lines – both permitted as part of the new rule.
Nearly all states have similar rules or are undertaking a trial of minimum passing rules with the exception of Victoria, which early in 2017 rejected a recommendation to introduce such rules.