Become a safer driver this festive season

The festive season brings many enjoyable moments – however, it can also set to bring on traffic jams, long road trips and rushed trips to the local shop. With this holiday season in full swing, aren’t you interested in learning how to become a safer driver?
Here are our top tips to becoming a safer driver this holiday season

Be courteous

Being a good driver and being a courteous one go hand in hand – small gestures go a long way in being a better driver but also at keeping yourself and others safe on the road. A few small things that you can try to do include anticipating is someone is attempting to merge in front of you and leaving a gap for them, or slowing down to let a fast vehicle overtake or pass you.

Know the rules of the road

Road rules are necessary in ensuring that everyone using the road is kept safe. You should know all the rules that you are taught when applying for your licence, but it’s really great practice to learn and relearn the road rules from time to time.

Know your car

Take an hour or two and get to properly know your car – read the owner’s manual or do some research into all of the features of your car.

Distractions need to be ignored

Distractions easily happen – from a conversation with a passenger, your phone beeping through to an interesting broadcast on the radio. It’s best however to keep distractions to a minimum and to focus solely on driving.