Been in a Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault? Do Not Do This!

Car accidents often cost a lot - in repairs, in time, the list goes on. Determining who was at fault is a big deal - as they (or their insurance company) will be liable.
Not my fault or not at fault accidents happen - and it’s important to remain calm and contact the team at Carbiz as soon as possible. We are experts in accident management services, accident replacement vehicles and handling your insurance claims on your behalf.
Here are a few things that you should never do after an accident - what you do after an accident can potentially have serious health, financial and legal consequences.

Never flee the accident scene

Did you know that it's a legal requirement for anyone who is involved in a car accident to stay at the accident scene and to provide their details (name, registration details and contact details) to the other people involved.

Don’t leave your car in the road

If you are able to move your car out of the way of other road users, such as just to the side of the road, then it’s best to do this. If you aren’t able to drive your car, be sure to put your hazards on or use your reflective triangle to warn other motorists of the accident scene.

Never interfere with the car accident scene

In the event of a serious accident leading to injury or even death, it’s important to not make any adjustments to your vehicle or to the accident scene - this includes not moving any debris that is lying in the road.

Never listen to bad advice

Car accidents can be overwhelming - you may even be in shock. Unfortunately people may try to take advantage of you and your situation - such as towing your vehicle to a repair yard that is not favourable to you.
Be sure to call Carbiz as soon as possible - we’ll help you with making all of the necessary arrangements and making sure your insurance claim is processed correctly.