Benefits of window tinting

Tinting the windows of your vehicle may seem like an optional extra and an unnecessary additional expense – but before you decline this option, consider the following benefits – you may decide to change your mind.

Tinted windows will help to reduce the interior temperature of your car – and reduce the load on your aircon! Tinting is the most fuel-efficient way of ensuring a more comfortable temperature inside your car. With the right window tint you can reduce the heat inside your car by up to 60%.

Tinted windows will block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from your car, preventing sunburn on those blisteringly hot days that we get in Australian summers. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and the associated UV rays can accelerate aging and is a cause of skin cancer. Tinted windows will also keep the UV rays from fading your upholstery, and the lower temperatures inside the vehicle will help to prevent drying and cracking of leather upholstery as well as the dashboards and other fittings. Sun damage to the interior of your car will reduce its resale value, especially if you park your car outside on a regular basis.

In Australia in summer, the glare from the sun can blind you while driving. Tinting your windows will reduce glare, making driving easier and safer and also ensuring that your passengers are more comfortable.

Applying a tint to your windows has a shatter proofing effect – your windows will be prevented from shattering on impact from a stone or other object, or in an accident, thereby further increasing safety for you and your passengers.

Tinting your windows also has a security benefit, as window tinting reduces visibility from the outside, improving your security and privacy.

Over and above the comfort, safety and security benefits which we have talked about – consider how great your car will look with tinted windows! Tinted windows on a car look so much more sophisticated and professional than untinted windows. So if you use your car for business purposes, or just want to impress others – tinting is the way to go.