Blindspots? Avoid an accident that’s not your fault

How often do you check your blind spots? Sure, you probably know where they are - but do you actively check your blind spots while driving?
Here are a few quick tips to get you ahead of your blind spot troubles
Take a moment to gauge where your blindspots are 
While stationary, take a moment to look around your car. In the normal driving position, look straight ahead and then glance to the back of your vehicle using your rear view and side mirrors. Now look around without using your mirrors taking note of what you didn't catch sight of in your initial test. 
Keep your side mirrors and windows clean
Dirty side mirrors can add potential danger. 
Continuously check your blind spots
While you’re on the move, it's important to continuously check your blind spots. Such instances that would be more critical would include changing lanes, merging or joining major highways.
Be aware that other drivers also have blindspots
The drivers around you may not be paying attention to their blindspots, so if you catch yourself in a potential blindspot of another driver, be aware and more defensive in your driving strategy.
Maintain a safe distance while driving
Get help in determining fault
Accidents happen - if you feel like you were not at fault and need expert help in handling your case, then our team can help you. 
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