Buying a new car, but unsure as to how to get the best deal?

If you are currently on the hunt to buy a car, then this one is for you! Perhaps you have had the headaches of visiting multiple dealers and car yards, and are frustrated with the process. Whether you are overwhelmed with too much information or frustrated at the lack of information – the car buying process can be complicated, and how do you know you are getting the best deal when you do eventually sign?

This is where car brokers can step in and make your life a whole lot simpler!

Car broker businesses are relatively new to the market in Australia – but the concept is taking off in a big way. A car broker can take you through the whole process of buying a new car. All you have to do is to contact a car broker and discuss what type of car and which model you are interested in.

The car broker will then make contact with all the dealers in their network, to find out who has the make and model that you are looking for available, and at what price. Brokers are dealing with large numbers of requests on a daily basis, and as such, have better negotiating power than you, as an individual buyer, could command. A car broker could therefore get the make and model that you are looking for at a discounted price and/or with extras thrown in. Sometimes car brokers may even get fleet prices, if they have a large demand for the particular vehicle and are able to negotiate a bulk purchase.

Generally speaking a car broker will be able to source a vehicle for you at a better price than you would be able to achieve on your own.  

Do you know what car you are looking for? or what your specific needs are for a new car? Find out which makes and models suit your requirements, this makes it easier for your car broker to bring you relevant deals to suit you.

Other services provided by car brokers can include

  • Test drives – using a car broker to arrange test drives can remove a “hard sell’ sales pitch which you may be subject to at a dealership
  • Financing – discounted and/or pre-approved finance will be arranged as the car broker will typically have arrangements with one or more car financiers
  • Extended warranties can be arranged
  • Paint and rust protection, window tinting and other third party options and accessories
  • Car insurance
  • Valuations for resale or insurance purposes
  • Car search – find a specific make and model that you are looking for – some used cars and 4wds are hard to locate and are not often advertised as they are sold as soon as they become available. A good broker will have country-wide network of used-car buyers and will be specialists in locating specific vehicles


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